Quality Service is our guarantee

We know your device is an important part of you and having a faulty phone or tablet can directly affect your life and your performance at work.

Screen Replacement

We use the highest quality parts to repair any screen issues your device has

Battery Replacement

Is your battery not holding charge? Get an Oiginal battery replacement today

Charging Issue

It is common for smartphones to manifest charging issues, we have the solution!

Camera Issue

We can install a brand new camera so your pictures look prestine again

Liquid Damage

This can mean the end for your device and your data, but not if we can help it!

Board Repair

Some issues require microsoldering, and our technicians are the best around

Data Recovery

If the device cannot be fully repaired, we will get extract your valuable data

Network Unlock

Carrier Unlocking can cost a lot, however we can do it for a fraction of the cost

Our Values

A team of dedicated and experienced Technicians, with years of service in the industry, we repair Phones and Tablets of all makes and models!

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