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About us

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We know your device is an important part of you and having a faulty phone or tablet can directly affect your life and your performance at work. This is why we offer the fastest turn around times while not compromising the quality of our repairs. We live by the “Right the First Time” principle; when it comes to mobile phone repairs we use only the highest quality parts at the best price.

Our Values

A team of dedicated and experienced Technicians, with years of service in the industry, we repair Phones and Tablets of all makes and models!

  • Screen Replacement

    Let’s return your device back to how it was using the highest quality screens on the market.

  • Part Replacement

    Having issues with your device? Speaker not working? Phone not charging? Contact us!

  • Data Recovery

    Even when your device is severely damaged, we can perform advanced repair and get your data.

  • Software / Unlock

    We have the tools and experience to restore your software and Unlock your carrier-locked device.

What We Do

We are here to repair any issues your device might have!

Most of our Repairs are Completed on the spot.

  • 1. Headphone Jack
  • 2. Charging Port
  • 3. Home button
  • 4. Side Buttons
  • 5. Front and Back Camera
  • 6. Screen
  • 7. Motherboard Issues
  • 8. Water Damage
  • 9. Speaker
  • 10. Unlocking
  • 11. Battery

Other services

Some of our highlighted services

A team of dedicated and experenced Technicians, with years of service in the industry, we repair Phones and Tablets of all makes and models1

Charging Issue

It is common for smartphones to manifest charging issues, we have the solution!

Screen Replacement

We use the highest quality parts to repair any screen issues your device has

Battery Replacement

Is your battery not holding charge? Get an Oiginal battery replacement today

Premium support

Need a consultation?

Call us now: 03 8001 7066, 03 9989 1554

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